Thursday, February 17, 2011

My secret spot in the heart of downtown LA

 I had bought stuff from a buddy a few months back and said he could get more just had to go back there. A few months went by and i ran into this buddy again. I asked him if he got anything new, he said no but told me to go check this place out , there might be some things you might be interested in. So i go there and asked for "the man", he came out and of course gave me the run around. "im in the middle of moving my shop to the basement and will let you know when i am ready to get rid of things" he said. So i said ok but was not cool with it because i knew just by the look of the building there was "stuff" in there. I continued to pursue it but "the man" was just not ready to sell yet and began to get angry, so i backed off. Just about as i get in my truck he says " hey you know what, come check out this thing i torn down from inside my factory, im about to scrap it, maybe you can use it" I said ok , deals were made and now ill be going to this amazing place for the next few weeks!!! I tell you when i was in there i though to myself how in the world did i end up here, only 1 year ago i was in all whites painting for my dads company and now im in this 100 yr old mill having the absolute time of my life....


  1. I am glad the fella let you in. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. whoa amazing find! feel like sharing?