Monday, March 7, 2011


I am introducing three different lines by irons & duck. They are as follow:

irons & duck

Original line contains all original pieces that have only been degreased cleaned and sealed or oiled.

irons & duck

custmade line are pieces that have been modified or that have been built from existing vintage parts to become functional in home or retail settings.

irons & duck
lmtd collection

This line is becoming my new fix. This is a line were a piece is designed and built from the ground up. Due to customers needing multiple of one piece i decided to create this line to accomadate that. BUT i am only limiting each design to a certain number so not everyone and their mother will have the same rack and such in their store.
currently on #5/50
currently on #6/100

the website will be divided up into these three different collections soon and i will update new inventory at that time. Also introducing irons & duck home accessories soon....

irons & duck

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